Intel Processors in the 2017 Macbook Pro

WWDC just rolled around, and techy news sites are running their usual breathless summary articles. They list of the high level features of new Macbook Pros,  but never seem to give any technical information about the processors beyond superficial and meaningless ‘Ghz’ numbers.

This is probably appropriate for most of their readers. Apple knows that its customers don’t usually care about the difference between an i7-5557U and an i7-7660U, so they don’t provide model numbers on their site, either.

It’s possible to figure out what processors are lurking behind the marketing vomit by visiting Intel’s ARK knowledge base. Cross reference timing, base and maximum clock frequencies, and voila you’ve got yourself technical data upon which to base purchasing decisions.

Here are all the processors Apple has put in their Macbook Pro machines this WWDC:

Macbook Pro 13